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The Chain: SLS Hotels & Residences

Posted by Editorial Team on June 6, 2021
SLS Dubai

SLS is the home of unique experiences coupled with a playful ambiance. Culinary artistry, theatrical interiors, subversive design touches and unexpected indulgences are at the heart of every SLS property. Collaborations with leading developers, architects, designers and chefs allow SLS to continue anticipating, innovating and shaping the future of luxury lifestyle living.

With seven properties in Beverly Hills, Miami, Bahamas, Cancun, and Dubai, SLS is set to open two additional properties in Puerto Madero, Argentina and Hallandale Beach by 2022. SLS Hotels & Residences is part of Accor, a leading hospitality group consisting of more than 5,100 properties and 10,000 food and beverage venues throughout 110 countries.

Chadi Farhat
Chief Operating Officer, sbe Lifestyle Hospitality

Tell us more about the SLS brand’s most unique points.
SLS’s primary unique point ultimately lies in the brand’s ability to combine the following ingredients: flawless service, exceptional cuisine, transcendent design and enthralling environment and wit. Through those capabilities, SLS Dubai brings the best culinary, mixology, spa, residential and nightlife experiences via its portfolio of branded venues and concepts.
SLS likes to flip tradition on its head and a key example of that is placing the lobby on the 71st floor, aptly calling it the Sky Lobby. There, you’ll find two distinctive concepts, S Bar and 12 Chairs a Caviar Bar.

The opening of Fi’lia Dubai marks the fourth location worldwide and the very first in the Middle East for the concept. The restaurant is helmed by Chef Sara Aqel and the only restaurant in the region led exclusively by a team of talented women.
On the 75th floor lies Privilege, a lounge and nightlife venue, featuring the region’s highest two infinity pools offering coveted and unobstructed views of Dubai. Privilege is also home to the iconic SLS brand duck, an emblem found in every SLS property around the globe.

Most notably, the launch of Carna, the renowned contemporary steakhouse Carna by Dario Cecchini, on the 74th floor, marks the dining concept’s initial presence in the region. As an industry pioneer, we have profound respect for Dario Cecchini’s craft, along with Tuscany’s culinary traditions.

And finally, the presence of Ciel Spa, a leading spa brand within the Accor group, offers world-class services and customised treatments carried out by a team of expert aestheticians and therapists.
As a destination, SLS Dubai’s unique points all cohesively work together in creating a community, one that invites like-minded individuals to feel inspired.

Where does SLS fall on the luxury spectrum and how does the brand appeal to millennials (the most targeted consumer/guest category in times of pandemic) as well?
We’re living in a post-luxury world. Luxury has evolved beyond the material. To experience true luxury today is to enter a curated universe; a universe that intuitively understands one’s smallest needs, that allows one to experience the joy of small surprises, the poetry in a special moment and the humour in the irreverent. Luxury today is slowing down by simplifying life, providing opportunities to share meaningful exchanges, mingle with the like-minded and ultimately, to inspire, enrich and entertain us. SLS is the home of post-luxury…

In terms of the hotel and hospitality industry, the lifestyle movement is trending exponentially. The brand of SLS straddles the line of ‘classical high luxury’ while also taking into consideration the lifestyle aspect. How can our services be improved to cater to different clientele’s needs? What is impressive is the blurring of boundaries between luxury and lifestyle, and that they now seem to coexist. Luxury used to be defined as specific guest amenities, room sizes, service levels and product quality; now it is determined by the varied experiences offered to our guests.

Luxury and lifestyle both play a role within the ‘experience economy’ in order to appeal to customer’s expectations – which in turn, are rapidly changing as well. SLS aims to be more creative in the offerings, communicate on different platforms with our unique, witty and playful tone of voice.

SLS does not appeal to only one demographic. Overall, SLS caters to travellers and locals looking for the best culinary, mixology, spa, residential and hotel experiences. Our customers come from different backgrounds, inclusive of the millennials, who are the prime targets of experiential luxury.

What does the SLS Dubai bring to the emirate?
The emirate is one of the most relevant global destinations. SLS is a natural fit for the Dubai market. The Middle East is a critical market for our lifestyle platform as we’re looking to open more properties in the region, particularly in the GCC.
SLS Dubai presents to the Emirates an overall luxury lifestyle destination, for the local and international traveler, bringing the best culinary, mixology, spa, residential and nightlife experiences.

SLS is all about luxury with a twist – the property itself is becoming an iconic pillar of architecture in the skyline of Dubai, where guests can enjoy the urban lifestyle with an elevated, bespoke experience, and unparalleled views of the city.

What can SLS Dubai guests expect to see in the coming months?
In the coming months, guests can continuously expect SLS Dubai’s unwavering focus on quality, and an immaculate environment where the focus will always be squarely on them. SLS Dubai’s team will always connect with the local community, engaging with partners in crafting something special and out-of-the-ordinary, with the aim of delivering the type of cultural connection and experience so many of luxury guests seek.

Plus, for the next few months, SLS Dubai will be focusing on wellness, going beyond the ideas of physical activity and relaxation, though they are still important. Wellness is a state of mind; an attitude that for some guests they seek while at a hotel. Wellness must be integrated into all aspects of the guests stay, providing them with not only a great experience, but also access and insights on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle and mindset in their every day lives. And thanks to Ciel Spa, a leading spa brand within the Accor group, we’re presenting guests with an intimate wellness haven, to communicate and highlight SLS Dubai’s high regard of wellness.

We will continue reinventing the experience at SLS Dubai, from events to activations, we will always be delivering new experiences to keep our guests engaged and our brand relevant.



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